National Luna BlueTooth Control Upgrade

Great news! You can now upgrade your pre-2022 National Luna camping fridge with BlueTooth control!

This optional enhancement replaces your existing control panel with a brand-new faceplate and BlueTooth connectivity.

The BlueTooth capable Control Panel is available for all National Luna models manufactured from 2007 onwards, including dual-control and single-compartment units.

More good news is that the installation process is super simple and can be DIY-swapped out in a matter of minutes.

Legacy fridge owners need only unscrew four faceplate screws to change the panel, while all prior models must complete one extra step by removing the fridge’s side panel.

Detailed instructions on how to perform the replacement can be found in the Control Panel’s user manual. You’ll also find details on how to connect to the National Luna NL CONNECT app, as well as instructions on setting the new device’s BlueTooth password.

With the new panel installed and the NL CONNECT app downloaded for both iOS and Android devices, you can make real-time adjustments to the fridge’s temperature settings, including changing the Battery Protection level, toggling between ºC or ºF, altering the compressor’s speed control, and much, much more.

In short, everything you can do on the fridge’s control panel, you can do on the app, too. In fact, the app makes some features – like fault detection – even easier.

Pricing for the new Control Panel starts at R1 145 and can be ordered through all National Luna distributors nationwide. Be sure to order the correct control panel for your fridge.

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