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National Luna BlueTooth Control Upgrade

New Universal 12v Accessory Plug From National Luna

Trend Change – National Luna’s New 35-Litre & 45-Litre Camping Fridges Confirm Market Change

National Luna’s New Low-Profile 70-Litre Fridge Freezer

Dawn of the Ice Age

National Luna prides itself with being a manufacturer of high-quality products aimed at the 4×4, camping and caravaning markets. National Luna has a strong background in portable, low-power refrigeration and LED / fluorescent lighting, originally used in remote areas where power is at a premium.

In addition to these two product lines, National Luna has developed a range of battery management systems and monitors for use in 4×4 vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, solar and other battery applications.

National Luna has also recently opened a Marine division, aimed at the supply of refrigeration and hot-water systems for use in marine environments.

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Client Testimonials

I purchased my first national Luna 60L stainless steel fridge & freezer about 10 months ago, I have also since purchased another one just the other day, I sold my Engel 57 litre combi to purchase it as I wasn’t impressed with the noise engel compressor made and the combi setup doesn’t really work that well, the national Luna uses the world renowned danfoss compressor and was originally built to world health organisation standards.


- Greg / Australia


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