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Make your next overland holiday a better, tougher, and smarter adventure with National Luna’s 500+ camping solutions, including the world’s most extensive range of 12V camping fridge/freezers, the broadest offering of dual-battery systems and portable power packs, and the widest variety of 12V lighting solutions.

Here’s a glimpse of National Luna’s extensive product offering, as well as several exciting products that were launched in 2023…


For years, campers have called for a side-mount fridge option where the control panel can be easily moved to the side of the unit instead of the front. This setup allows quick access to the fridge’s controls without sliding the unit out or shifting items around.

Well, you asked, and we listened with the recent launch of our new QC RANGE, the latest design that allows you to DIY swap the control panel from the front of the unit to the side – without requiring any special tools or know-how to do the job.

In addition, all QC models boast two new Fast Charge USB ports for rapid device charging.


With 14 models to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right fridge size for your vehicle. Choose between a single-compartment fridge / freezer, or a dual-control where you can independently adjust temperatures for both compartments. Browse our full range here.


National Luna’s entire fridge range is now equipped with BlueTooth control. The BlueTooth connectivity allows you to remotely control the fridge’s temperature – and other settings and functions – via the NL CONNECT app (available for iOS and Android devices).



Although 12VDC fluorescent lights have been replaced by brighter, more efficient LED technology, National Luna is the only manufacturer worldwide still producing 12V fluorescent lamps as a backup service for older caravan and camper models.

However, most of our production capacity goes into our class-leading LED range, which has become the leading light for OEM camper, trailer and caravan manufacturers worldwide. Browse our full range of lighting solutions here.





National Luna produces several battery box options and portable power packs, all of which include a patented step-face design.


What started as a bare-bones solenoid pack 25 years ago has since morphed into various battery-management options, including portable power packs, distribution boxes, and advanced DC-DC chargers with built-in solar regulators.

If you don’t have enough load-bay space for a portable system – or your auxiliary battery is mounted in a unique location – you can still enjoy the features of the battery box’s control panel by installing a National Luna Distribution Box. The unit is sold as a standalone product with three model options available.


DC to DC chargers are available in both 25A and 40A configurations. Both units feature a plug-n-play MPPT solar regulator and lithium-battery compatibility.


The all-new National Luna Portable Power Pack (Grey Box) now features BlueTooth control, allowing you to monitor both batteries’ input charge, power draw and voltage levels.



Optional BlueTooth upgrade: National Luna owners can now upgrade their older model (2007-2022) camping fridges with BlueTooth control.

This optional enhancement replaces your existing control panel with a brand-new faceplate with BlueTooth connectivity and is super easy to DIY install.

Available at National Luna distributors nationwide.


New low-cost 20-litre: Look out for our new super-compact NL20 camping fridge launched in October 2023. The 20-litre unit is designed for everyday vehicles, compact cars and budget-conscious buyers.

Thick gauge 12V plug: The problem with most 12V plugs is that only some of them fit snugly into their respective sockets, and even when they do, they’re all limited to thin wiring. This is why we recently launched our new 12V plug that doesn’t just grip tightly in all auxiliary / cigarette socket plug points; it can comfortably hold thicker (4mm) gauge wiring, too.

Available at leading outdoor stores nationwide.

Low-profile range: As the camping market evolves, so does the need for new applications, and among those is a growing call for a low-profile camping fridge that can fit under a tonneau cover or slot under a bed in an off-road trailer or caravan.

Hence, our three new low-profile fridges launched earlier this year, including a 35-, 45-, and 70-litre model.


Ice Maker: The National Luna Portable Ice Maker sports a stainless-steel finish, a removable bucket, and the ability to produce 12kg of ice daily in warm tropical conditions.


Battery Chargers: Choose between two Intelligent Battery Chargers: A 5A unit designed to restore and maintain deep-cycle batteries, or a 1A maintenance charger that keeps batteries in caravans, trailers, quad bikes, boats, and jet skis in good health.


12V Widgets: More than 200 widgets, connectors, power points, battery monitors, and USB ports are available nationwide at your nearest National Luna distributor.

National Luna products are available at leading outdoor stores nationwide. Call (011) 452 5438 or find your nearest distributor here.



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