NL Connect

NL CONNECT is National Luna’s mobile application that allows you to interact wirelessly with your National Luna fridges and battery systems featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology.
With NL Connect you can :

  • Monitor battery system voltages and charge state.
  • Monitor live charge and discharge currents.
  • Customize timer and alarm parameters.
  • Adjust operating thresholds for different vehicles.
  • Get notified of low-battery conditions.
  • Monitor live fridge temperatures and status.
  • Control temperature set-points.
  • Adjust fridge operating modes.
  • Get notified of fault conditions.

Currently supports LEGACY Smart fridges and Portable Power Pack II. More products will be supported soon.


NL Connect can be downloaded from these stores :



While every effort is made to support as many devices as possible, there may be compatibility issues with some mobile devices. We continue to work to resolve these issues as they are reported.

If you encounter any issues with installing or running the NLConnect application, please give us your feedback including specifics about your mobile device (model and software version).




Do I need internet or cell coverage to use NL CONNECT?

No data or cell service is required to use the App. Bluetooth® and location services must be enabled in order to connect to supported products.

Why do I need to have location services enabled?

Location services are required for Bluetooth® functionality. NL CONNECT does not use or store location or personal data.

I cannot see any devices when scanning in the NL CONNECT App.

Ensure Bluetooth® and location service is enabled on your mobile device. Make sure the product you are trying to connect to is a supported model and is within wireless range.

Are there any costs to use NL CONNECT ?

No. NL CONNECT is completely free to download and use.

What products can I connect to with NL CONNECT ?

Currently, National Luna Power Pack II and LEGACY Smart fridges are supported. More products will be supported in future updates.

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