NL Connect

NL CONNECT is National Luna’s mobile application that allows you to interact wirelessly with your National Luna fridges and battery systems featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology.
With NL Connect you can :

  • Monitor battery system voltages and charge state.
  • Monitor live charge and discharge currents.
  • Customize timer and alarm parameters.
  • Adjust operating thresholds for different vehicles.
  • Get notified of low-battery conditions.
  • Monitor live fridge temperatures and status.
  • Control temperature set-points.
  • Adjust fridge operating modes.
  • Get notified of fault conditions.

Currently supports LEGACY Smart fridges and Portable Power Pack II. More products will be supported soon.


NL Connect can be downloaded from these stores :





Do I need internet or cell coverage to use NL CONNECT?

No data or cell service is required to use the App. Bluetooth® and location services must be enabled in order to connect to supported products.

Why do I need to have location services enabled?

Location services are required for Bluetooth® functionality. NL CONNECT does not use or store location or personal data.

I cannot see any devices when scanning in the NL CONNECT App.

Ensure Bluetooth® and location service is enabled on your mobile device. Make sure the product you are trying to connect to is a supported model and is within wireless range.

Are there any costs to use NL CONNECT ?

No. NL CONNECT is completely free to download and use.

What products can I connect to with NL CONNECT ?

Currently, National Luna Power Pack II and LEGACY Smart fridges are supported. More products will be supported in future updates.

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