National Luna’s New ‘Gen 2’ Portable Power Pack

Back in 2018, National Luna launched a new battery-box option which our customers nicknamed : ‘The Black Box’. The product featured a patented faceplate design that was a big leap forward from our original Portable Power Pack (Aka: The Grey Box) where the plug points are mounted on the side of the unit.  

The Black Box’s stepped layout allowed us to mount a larger number of output and input power points. What’s more, because the plug ports are positioned at the front of the box, it makes them easier to access.  

The design was a great success, and a short while later we launched several more battery box options. This included our taller Blue Box, the 25A DC-DC Green Box, and more recently, our flagship 40A DC-DC Green Box with its distinguishable black lid.

With the exception of the original Grey Box, all four battery-box solutions feature the new stepped faceplate layout. However, after heeding to our customers calls, National Luna recently redesigned our Grey Box system so that the “Gen 2” model utilises the same stepped faceplate.


We also added Bluetooth connectivity to the unit – compatible with the ‘NL Connect’ app – as well as a dual-battery display that shows:

  • Battery voltage
  • Input charge current
  • Output load current



The Bluetooth app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Simply use the serial number on the side of the box as the password when connecting to the Portable Power Pack.

Because the Grey Box uses a split-charging system that can be connected to your vehicle’s alternator, the box and the app both display the voltage of your vehicle’s main cranking battery, as well as the voltage of the auxiliary battery.

The app will also tell you if the auxiliary battery is receiving a charge, being discharged, is on standby, or if a 220V battery charger is connected.  

In addition, the app – and the box itself – are able to tell you how many amps are being drawn from the auxiliary battery; this includes any amps used by your camping fridge and/or other 12V devices. To view this information on the Portable Power Pack directly, simply press the ‘V/A’ button on the side of each dial to flip between volts and amps.  


A screen grab from the NL Connect app, showing a load current of 3.1A being drawn by a 12V camping fridge.

An additional 15A input plug point allows you to connect a solar panel – provided you have a solar regulator – which you can then monitor in terms of input charge.

And finally, the unit also boasts a configurable start timer and low-battery warning that can be adjusted to suit a variety of applications.

Other features of the Grey Box include…

  • A split-charging system
  • Four USB charge ports
  • Two 12V DC sockets (Cigar)
  • Two Hella-type sockets
  • Two 50A Grey coupler plugs
  • NL5 Intelligent Charger port (charger available separately)

For more information on the new National Luna Portable Power Pack, click here

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