National Luna’s New Low-Profile 70-Litre Fridge Freezer

Deciding what size fridge you need is often your first decision before buying a camping fridge-freezer. If you need help choosing, here’s a quick blog.

Fortunately, with 15 models to choose from, you can find the perfect-sized National Luna for your vehicle. However, as the off-road / camping market evolves, so does the need for new applications and, amongst those, a growing call for a low-profile camping fridge.

A low-profile solution is convenient for campers, caravans and off-road trailer manufacturers who need a lower fridge to fit under a bed or mattress. Similarly, many pick-up owners want a 12V fridge that can slot under a tonneau cover, and many SUV owners want more packing space above or below their fridge/freezer.

ENTER: The National Luna low-profile 70-litre.


In essence, the new low-profile 70-litre is a “shrunk-down” NL90, where the dimensions and layout are the same for both fridges, except the 70-litre is 60mm lower.

Incidentally, single-cabs and double-cabs typically feature a load-bed depth of around 485 mm, while the new low-profile 70-litre features a total height of 475 mm.

National Luna bluetooth fridge connected to iPhone
As a Legacy SMART fridge-freezer, all National Luna 70-litre units are equipped with Bluetooth control that can be accessed via the NL CONNECT app.


For added convenience and functionality, the new low-profile 70-litre is available in two premade options:

Option 1: A “conventional” fridge layout with the control panel mounted on the front of the unit and the power supply on the side. Or…

Option 2: A ‘Side Mount’ fridge where the control panel is permanently mounted on the right-hand side of the unit, and the power supply is recessed at the rear.

A second ‘Side Mount’ model is also available, where the control panel is permanently mounted on the side, and the power point is located at the rear of the fridge.


This second option grants access to the unit’s control panel when your load-bay area is fully packed. It also means you don’t have to slide the fridge out to access the control panel.

In addition, because the power supply is recessed at the rear of this model, it reduces the chances of the cable accidentally snagging and unplugging the unit. It also “hides” the cord out of sight when the panel is facing rearwards.

Click here for more information on the new National Luna 70-litre low-profile fridge/freezer.

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