Gift Ideas for the Adventure Family


If you’re looking for a cool gift idea that never stops giving, look no further than our hugely popular Portable Ice Maker.

Featuring a cycle time of just 6 to 13 minutes, the NL12 Ice Maker is capable of producing up to 12 kg of ice in a 24-hour period. And, unlike many other ice makers that are designed for European and North American climates, the NL12 is equipped with a powerful compressor that’s specifically suited for tropic and sub-tropic regions. This allows the NL12 to produce ice even on hot, African, summer days.

The unit also features a removable ice bucket, low-water indicator, a durable stainless-steel finish, as well as the option to select large or small ice blocks.



Unless you’re fond of stubbing your toes or tripping over guy ropes, there’s no need to be fumbling in the dark around your campsite. Not when you can own a super-efficient, and super-powerful National Luna camping light.

Boasting the widest range of 12V camping & caravan lights on the market, National Luna lets you choose…

  • Your choice of LED or Fluorescent technology
  • Your preferred size
  • Your preferred colour
  • Your preferred mounting system
  • Your preferred brightness setting, and…
  • Your choice of power switch: toggle or touchpad



There’s no denying the convenience of a portable-battery system, where you can…

  • Recharge the unit in your vehicle
  • Connect it to a solar panel
  • Leave it in your tent to power your lights and/or recharge your mobile phone or camera gear
  • Power a 12V camping fridge
  • Drive an inverter for 220V power, or…
  • Bring it into your home for backup power during load shedding

The only problem is, deciding which battery box is right for you. On that note, National Luna sports 5 battery-box options, from our customisable black-box unit, to our highly sophisticated green box that’s packed with features including an MPPT solar regulator, lithium-battery compatibility, and, a recharge port that plugs directly into your vehicle’s charging system.



Batteries are expensive, and if they’re not maintained properly, they won’t last long. This is why, if you own a caravan, trailer, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, quad bike, or an additional vehicle, it’s absolutely vital that the battery be connected to an intelligent charger if the vehicle is going to stand for more than a few days.

However, not all battery chargers are equal; some units may even “boil” the battery’s electrolyte if they’re left unattended for too long. Fortunately, both National Luna’s 5A and 1A Intelligent Battery Chargers feature a multi-stage charging- and maintenance cycle that can be connected to your battery indefinitely, without causing any harm.



As 12V refrigeration becomes commonplace amongst campers and their outdoor gear, so too does the need for additional, versatile, battery power. On that note, if you want to install a versatile dual-battery system in your vehicle, then National Luna’s DC to DC chargers are what you need.

Both our 25A and 40A units automatically recharge your auxiliary battery while the vehicle is driving, but then isolate the two batteries when the engine is switched off. This is done to prevent the cranking battery from discharging when you’re powering a 12V fridge or camping light.

What’s more, both units are lithium-battery compatible and are equipped with an MPPT solar regulator that allows you to connect a solar panel to your auxiliary battery while you’re relaxing in camp.



Do you like easy DIY projects? Then check out National Luna’s wide range of 12V accessories. Everything from self-installed USB ports, auxiliary plugs, fuses, switches, connectors, terminal blocks, and even a flush-mounted face-plate.

National Luna offers a full range of 12V power points and accessories. Install your own dual-battery system these holidays, or run a power port to your boot or load bin. The choice is yours!

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