Trend Change – National Luna’s New 35-Litre & 45-Litre Camping Fridges Confirm Market Change

Throughout our 35-year history, National Luna has seen many trend changes in the outdoor market.

Traditionally, we’ve catered for campers in the caravan, trailer and large-4×4 segments; however, in recent years, we’ve noticed a shift (or expansion) into smaller vehicles.

These outdoor enthusiasts typically favour minimalist camping, or short-term trips, where their equipment needs are scaled down to suit compact vehicles, All Wheel Drives and soft roaders with impressive fuel-economy figures.

But we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed. Many well-known roof rack and rooftop tent manufacturers have launched smaller, lighter versions of their products to suit conventional vehicles and restricted boot spaces.

As higher fuel prices acted as a tailwind for the trend change, it was a matter of time before our product range grew and adapted.

And with that, we give you two new National Luna products: A low-profile 35-litre and a low-profile 45-litre single-compartment fridge / freezers.

These new camping fridges expand National Luna’s low-profile range to 3 models, and, just like our low-profile 70-litre, the 35 and 45-litre models boast a side-mount option.

This feature allows fridge owners to easily move the fridge’s control panel from the front of the unit to the right-hand-side location, allowing easy access to the control panel when the boot / load bay area is full.

Moreover, the performance of these fridges is something to behold as both units are powered by full-size compressors cooling down relatively small volumes.

In addition, the two new fridge models are factory fitted with…

  • BlueTooth control
  • Two quick-charge USB ports
  • Built-in bottle opener on the lid handle
  • Adjustable latches
  • Tie-down handles
  • A changeable lid that can swap from front opening, side opening, and reverse opening depending on the user’s needs

So, if you’re in the market for a compact, low-profile camping fridge to suit your compact, low-cost camping needs, then click here for more information on the 35-litre, and here for details on the 45.

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