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GREAT gift ideas that are JUST as USEFUL in your home as they are in a campsite.


If you’re seeking gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast or adventure traveller, why not get them something they can use at home, as well as on holiday, with National Luna’s comprehensive range of 12VDC and 220VAC outdoor camping solutions.

With more than 33-years experience in the camping market, this proudly South African brand boasts more than 200 outdoor products and accessories.



Nothing has revolutionised our outdoor way of life quite like the 12V fridge. Gone are the days of melted ice and floating lamb chops; today, we’re able to run a powerful 12V fridge (at ice-cream-freezing temperatures) for more than 24-hours on a single battery!

Better still, thanks to National Luna’s 12VDC and 220VAC functionality, you can use any one of their camping fridges as an energy-efficient chest freezer in your home. With more than 13 sizes to choose from, the only question you need to answer is: What size is right for you?

National Luna’s range varies from a super compact 40-litre, right up to an industry leading 125-litre unit. Best of all, you get to pick the configuration that’s right for you, whether it be a Single Compartment fridge / freezer, a double-door design, or National Luna’s unique Dual-Control range that allows you to split the unit into a freezer on one side, and a fridge compartment on the other. Alternatively, you can set both compartments to the same temperature and use the unit as a dedicated fridge, or as a dedicated freezer.



You’re not always tethered to your 4×4, so why should your auxiliary power be? National Luna’s leading range of Portable Power solutions can be used to power your 12V fridge, cellphone, tablet, and outdoor lights. Connect an inverter to any one of the below products and use the unit as back-up power solution for your TV / WIFI modem at home.



As far as practical gifts go, what could be more useful at home and around your campsite than a customisable Battery Box with plug ‘n play convenience. Keep the box as is, or swop out any one of the output ports for your choice power supply.


Equipped with National Luna’s tried & trusted solenoid dual-battery system, the Grey Box charges via your vehicle’s 12V alternator, while preventing your vehicle’s main starter battery from running flat and leaving you stranded.


National Luna’s flagship portable-power solution that features a 25A DC-DC charger, battery isolator, MPPT solar regulator, lithium compatibility, and a wide range of customisable outputs.

Recharge it from your vehicle’s alternator, or simply plug a solar panel directly into the box. National Luna’s Green Box is the most versatile portable-power solution on the market, and the first of its kind!



With a 23-year track record in dual-battery systems, National Luna offers both a 25A and ultra-powerful 40A DC-DC system which support direct solar input, smart-alternator compatibility, and Lithium battery support.

Both systems are supplied with installation accessories and mounting hardware.



As 12V refrigeration becomes more powerful and efficient, so too does the need for bulletproof back-up power; and nothing has a greater track record for reliability than the original Intelligent Solenoid.

National Luna’s Intelligent Solenoid System is still one of the most cost effective ways of installing auxiliary-battery power in your vehicle.



Whether you own a caravan, boat, bike, golf cart, jet ski or even a back-up power system, the chances are, you need an Intelligent Maintenance Charger. Why? Well, because all lead-acid batteries need maintenance to survive! Fortunately, using the right battery charger will guarantee service life, maintain performance, and save you money.

Both the 1A and 5A charger offer a multi-stage recharge cycle and can be permanently connected to your battery. It’s the perfect gift for all those summer toys that hibernate during the winter months.






Ideal for permanent installations within your tent, rooftop tent, vehicle canopy or cabin, bolted to the side of your roof rack, or even used around your home during times of load shedding.

National Luna’s LED light range stretches from their economical 9-LED unit, to the ultra-bright 27-LED unit with dual-colour control.



Unlike many ice-makers on the market, National Luna’s Portable Ice Maker is tested to operate at a 43ºC ambient temperature, as opposed to the industry norm of just 32ºC. Meaning, in some cases, this punchy ice-maker can produce more ice than many units that are twice its size!

To top it off, the National Luna Portable Ice Maker features a durable stainless-steel finish, a removable ice bucket and shovel, low-water indicator, a cycle time of just 6 to 13 minutes, and an ice-making capacity of 12kg in just 24-hours.

Keep one at home, or pack it in your caravan for the holidays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



Whether you’re running a single-battery setup or a dual system, National Luna’s wide range of battery monitors are sure to meet your needs; from their flush-mounted built-in units, to a removable monitor that can be installed in almost any application.



Looking for a DIY project this weekend? Then look no further than National Luna’s wide range of 12V accessories. Everything from self-installed USB ports, to auxiliary plugs, fuses, switches, connectors, terminal blocks, and even flush-mounted face-plates, you’re bound to find your next DIY project in this lineup. Install your own dual-battery system or run a power port to your boot or load bin, the choice is yours!

Customise your setup with modular 29mm products.

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