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The decision to buy a new camping fridge often starts with the question of, “What size volume should I get?” Next, you will probably look at…


Value: What features does the fridge offer?

Build Quality: How long will the fridge last?

Back Up Service: How well is the product supported?


However, ‘What size?’ is often the toughest question to answer. If you’re a regular camper, you probably already know what your needs are; but if you’re new to the camping scene, or have never owned a 12V fridge before, you may be unsure of what size you need.


Camping with a 12V fridge is quite different to camping with a cooler box. Usually, a cooler box requires the thickest insulation possible; and, because you have to pack the cooler full of ice (in addition to your food and beverages), you’re often forced to buy the biggest, bulkiest cooler that you can fit into your vehicle.


In contrast, a camping fridge is self-cooling; which means that although insulation is important, it is not as critical as it would be in the case of a cooler box. In most cases, you can get away with a fridge size that’s significantly more space efficient than the cooler box you’re currently using.


National Luna's 50-litre Legacy dual control camping fridge



If you’re still unsure about the size of camping fridge you need, perhaps the answer lies in the global average: the 50-litre one.


For many years, National Luna’s research has shown us that up to 60% of the 12V-fridge market worldwide is made up of 50-litre sales. Incidentally, that statistic coincides with our own in-house sales records.


This information played an important part in our decision to launch the 50-litre Weekender back in 2005. As the name suggests, the Weekender was designed for weekend campers: travellers and families who would go on holiday frequently, but usually for no longer than two to five days at a time.


The unit was designed in such a way that the fridge (40-litre) and freezer (10-litre) portions are set in a fixed ratio. In other words, if you set the fridge section to 5ºC, the freezer will maintain an approximate temperature of -5ºC: roughly 10ºC less than the fridge portion.


This setup works well, but is not as versatile as some of our other Twin bin/double door units (such as our NL60 and NL90) which allow you to set the temperature of the fridge- and freezer sections independently. This means that you can use the unit either as a fridge-and-freezer, or as a dedicated fridge, or as a dedicated freezer.

Unfortunately, there was just no way of doing the same for the 50-litre volume, not without escalating costs and making the unit too expensive. Until now…



In 2002, National Luna was the first company worldwide to introduce Twin bin/double door Technology (The ability to run two compartments, each with different thermostats and controls, on one compressor). It took 8-years before this unique National Luna feature was adopted by competing brands.


Thanks to recent valve developments, compressor technology, and overall better insulation, National Luna is proud to announce the introduction of our new Dual-Control NL50 Legacy fridge – the most advanced and versatile 50-litre unit in its class!


50-litre camping fridge in SUV boot load bay


Today, National Luna boasts 5 fridge sizes that utilize Dual-Control Technology, as well as another 6 Single-Control units.


Another notable feature of the new NL50 Legacy is that, because the fridge uses our very own proprietary compressor, we were able to keep manufacturing costs down, and thus, ensure that the NL50 boasts the best value-for-money offering in its class.




The fridge features extra versatility in its dual-opening lid (which may be opened either lengthways or along the unit’s width), as well as a comprehensive 3-year warranty. In addition, the NL50 boasts a world first 8-year compressor warranty, and a service network of more than 400 approved National Luna stockists worldwide.


For more information on the NL50 Legacy click here, or contact your local dealer here for pricing.

Contact your local dealer here for pricing

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