Which Battery Box Solution Is Best For You?

While the benefits of a portable-battery system are seemingly obvious (mobility around camp, backup household use, and an easy installation in your vehicle or trailer), deciding which portable system is best for you, isn’t always so clear.

To help with the decision, here’s a breakdown of National Luna’s full range of class-leading battery boxes, starting with our entry-level solution…



The Black box is ideal for weekend campers who want additional battery power, but don’t want the hassle of installing wires in their vehicle.

That said, the product is designed as a standalone unit that can be used to charge cameras, cell-phones, power a string of outdoor LED / fluorescent lights, run a 12V camping fridge, or even be carried inside your home as a backup power source during load shedding.

The Black Box comes equipped with a wide range of power points – many of which can be swopped out and customised to your needs.



The lifespan of a lead-acid battery is directly related to how deeply the battery is discharged. With this in mind, some campers prefer to travel with a larger-capacity battery (140A/h) which is typically taller than a 105A/h or 115 A/h equivalent.

To better cater for this market, National Luna developed a Blue Box alternative that’s identical to the Black Box in terms of features, however, the box is 20mm taller to accommodate taller batteries.




Boasting a recent redesign, the Grey Box was originally launched in 2004 as National Luna’s first-ever battery-box solution. The product is designed as a portable dual-battery system that recharges via your vehicle’s alternator whilst you drive.

Once the engine is switched off, the Grey Box isolates the auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s charging system and allows you to power your camping fridge or electronics without running the risk of draining your vehicle’s starter battery.

However, recent upgrades to the Grey Box have expanded the unit’s features and functionality. The Gen2 model now includes several more power-point options, as well as Blue Tooth connectivity.

The built-in Blue Tooth module connects to National Luna’s free mobile app – available for Android and Apple devices – and displays vital information regarding:

  • The voltage and amp draw of the vehicle’s main cranking battery.
  • The voltage and amp draw of the auxiliary battery inside the box, and…
  • Information about whether the auxiliary battery is receiving a charge, being discharged, is on standby, or, if a 220V battery charger is connected.



As solar power becomes commonplace amongst outdoor enthusiasts and campers, the need for a solar-ready, portable-battery system has rapidly grown. Fortunately, National Luna offers two plug-&-play solar options with our 25A and 40A Green Box range.

Both units are equipped with DC to DC charging systems, where the green-lid model features a 25A charger, and the black-lid model sports a 40A charger.

The built-in DC to DC charger allow you to recharge your auxiliary battery via your vehicle’s alternator; however, upon arriving at camp and switching off the engine, the DC to DC isolates the auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s charging system, and quickly transitions to solar-power once a panel is plugged into the box’s MPPT solar port.

The 25A unit can accommodate panels up to 375W, while the 40A alternative is rated up to 600W. Both the 25A and 40A boxes are lithium-battery compatible and are available with an optional dash-mounted monitor that displays charging information and battery vitals.



National Luna’s full range of portable-battery systems are also compatible with our 5 Amp and 1 Amp Intelligent Battery Chargers. Both products offer a multi-stage recharge cycle that can be left unattended, or permanently connected to your lead-acid battery.

The charger plugs directly into each box’s quick-connect port, however, additional attachments allow you to use the charger for other applications, too, such as maintaining your vehicle-, caravan-, trailer-, boat-, motorcycle-, or quadbike battery.

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