What’s NEW at National Luna?


It was back in the early 1990s that National Luna won a tender to produce 12V vaccine fridges for the World Health Organisation. In response to that initial design, they later developed the first ever 12V camping fridge-freezer combination, and have since then added many more industry firsts to the overland travel market.


Today, portable fridge sales have exploded worldwide, and with it, a growing demand for value, features, and a variety of fridge volumes has erupted. In response to this global trend, National Luna has added several more developments to their expanding range of fridges, starting with…



Drawing on their 32-year experience in 12V refrigeration, National Luna has spent the last 3-years developing an all-new 12V compressor, specifically engineered for off-road conditions. The unique features of the compressor’s design not only make it resistant to severe off-road vibrations, it also reduces the compressor’s manufacturing costs, while saving on the unit’s overall weight. All of these features come at no cost to quality or reliability, which is why the compressor is backed by an 8-year warranty.


With this in mind, National Luna’s latest value offering comes in the form of an entirely new ‘Legacy Range’ of fridges which are all equipped with the new Off-Road Compressor. Fortunately, with eleven fridge volumes on offer, the ‘Legacy Range’ doesn’t replace the existing ‘Classic Range’ of Danfoss equipped fridges, but instead, supplements National Luna’s offering with better value, pricing, and the standard fitment of fridge baskets.



Recognising that efficiency and power consumption are primary features of insulation, National Luna recently opted for an improved insulating material. The new foam is now standard across the board in all National Luna fridges, including the Legacy and Classic Range. The obvious benefit of the new insulation is an even faster pull-down rate, lower power consumption, and longer battery life.



As many caravan and trailer owners will testify, having a fridge that can run on 220V power is often unnecessary in a well-equipped campsite, especially when your off-road trailer or caravan generally converts 220V power into a 12V system. That said, National Luna has now made it possible for caravan and trailer manufacturers to opt for a 12V-only option, thereby reducing the cost of the fridge for the end user.


OE suppliers to the camper, caravan and off-road trailer markets can now reduce costs by opting for a 12V-only option within the National Luna range.





Following three decades of market experience and research, National Luna has noted that the 50-litre fridge size accounts for up to 60% of the portable-fridge market. This explains why their 50-litre Weekender unit is so popular worldwide. However, thanks to recent developments in valve technology, insulation, and compressor design, National Luna has now launched the first ever 50-litre dual-control fridge-freezer. It is the first of its kind worldwide and is available within the Legacy Range.

A special feature of the 50-litre Legacy fridge-freezer is the ability to change the opening direction of the lid.


For more information on the National Luna Legacy Range, as well as available sizes and specifications, downloaded the brochure here: NL-LEGACY-Fridges-Brochure

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