National Luna Warranty – Terms and Conditions


This National Luna Warranty supersedes any other advertised Guarantee or Warranty provided with this appliance by any wholesaler or retailer.

National Luna warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and / or workmanship under normal use and service to the original purchaser subject to the following :

  1. At any time within THREE YEARS from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, National Luna will at its discretion replace or repair without cost to the owner, and if through an authorised service agent, any part found to be defective by National Luna. Where parts are replaced by an authorised service agent, the labour account for the work done will be for the owner’s account.
  2. This warranty does not apply to light bulbs, fuses, cooling fans or items where the length of life depends on the amount of use and care given.
  3. The Danfoss BD35F compressor has a 1-year manufacturers guarantee. Correct completion and submission of the Warranty registration card supplied with this booklet allows for an additional 2-year warranty to be provided by National Luna on the compressor.
  4. This warranty is valid in South Africa only.
  5. National Luna may consider a warranty void if modifications have been made to this appliance which may cause undesirable or hazardous operation or may be the cause of the malfunction of this product.
  6. National Luna shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from incorrect voltages or faults with regards to power supply which fall outside of the appliance operating specifications.
  7. National Luna shall not be responsible for damage to the appliance caused by negligent use, storage of hazardous chemicals, use of corrosive substances, fire, flood, civil-disturbances, lightning or any other natural phenomenon.
  8. Warranty returns to the factory for repairs – in the event where the unit has been shipped to the factory for repairs, transport costs will be for the owners account.
  9. National Luna will not accept any responsibility for the consequential loss or damage caused by, or due to the malfunctioning of this appliance.
  10. National Luna shall not be held responsible for any injuries to persons caused by the incorrect or negligent usage of this appliance.
  11. Repair work to be done in terms of this warranty must be referred to National Luna for written authorisation before any work is carried out.
  12. National Luna reserves the right to refuse repair or service under warranty if the Warranty registration card or original proof of purchase cannot be produced.
  13. Proof of purchase and purchase date must be presented with submission of a warranty claim. All refrigerators have a unique serial number.
    (Removal of the serial number on the appliance will render this warranty void).


This National Luna Warranty in South Africa cannot be applied outside the South African borders for practical reasons.

  1. National Luna has a world wide distributor network. These distributors import products and carry the warranty (at their cost) in line with the various countries conditions of sale.
  2. Cross border customs and duties apply. A National Luna manufactured product that is returned to the factory in South Africa will have the South African warranty applied. However, all transport costs incurred will be for the purchaser’s account.
  3. It is important to note that a private purchase of a refrigerator in South Africa and exported will not carry a warranty. Any labour repairs and parts required would incur costs in foreign currency and be for the owner’s account.
  4. In the event of a National Luna refrigerator being fitted as standard equipment in caravans and trailers and subsequently being exported from South Africa, the warranty must be carried by the persons responsible for importing into a country other than South Africa.
  5. It is recommended that National Luna products be purchased from the authorised importer of that particular country who would carry the applicable warranty and back-up service.