This download section includes National Luna Manuals, datasheets and brochures of Isotherm, and Isotemp products. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Product Guides
Product Selector Guide 2017
National Luna LEGACY Fridges Brochure 2019
National Luna LEGACY Fridge Manual 2019
NL12 Camping Ice Maker
TrailBoss 50 fridge manual
Refrigeration Single Door refrigerator manual (before 2009)
Indel-B TB31/41/51/45/55 instruction booklet
Universal Fridge Users manual (all models)
Refrigeration Double Door refrigerator manual (before 2009)
Battery Management
1A Intelligent Battery Charger Manual
NLDC-40A Dual Battery Isolator and Charger User Manual
NLDC-25A Dual Battery Isolator and Charger User Manual
5A Intelligent Battery Charger manual
Portable Power Pack Instruction booklet
DIY Kit installation & instruction manual
Intelligent Solenoid Instruction booklet
Dual Battery Controller instructions
Dual Battery Monitor instructions
Single battery monitor (with alarm) instructions
Single battery monitor (no alarm) instructions
LED Lighting Flyer
Heat-exchanger performance test
ISOTEMP Slim Square heat-exchanger manual
ISOTEMP Slim Square heat-exchanger datasheet
ISOTEMP Slim heat-exchanger manual
ISOTEMP Slim heat-exchanger datasheet
ISOTEMP BASIC heat-exchanger manual
ISOTEMP BASIC heat-exchanger datasheet
ISOTHERM refrigeration manual
ISOTHERM ICE maker datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 195 INOX datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 130 INOX datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 90 datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 85 datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 65 datasheet
ISOTHERM cruise 49 datasheet
Indel Webasto product catalogue

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