Why your vehicle’s battery is dying, and how to prevent it?

QUESTION: Thanks to ‘lockdown’, my vehicle’s battery is going flat and it can barely start the engine when I need it. I’ve been told that disconnecting the terminals will protect the battery. Is this true? I’d also like to know why my caravan’s deep-cycle battery is on its way out; it’s only a couple of years old and I thought they were supposed to last much longer than that. Any suggestions?


ANSWER: The problem you’re describing is common amongst all batteries that are not maintained or recharged often. Disconnecting your battery’s terminals may help to slow down the discharge process, but in modern vehicles, disconnecting the battery terminals may lead to other problems related to the alarm system, radio, or even the vehicle’s control system.


The National Luna 1 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger is a specially developed mini-charger that’s ideal for both 6V and 12V battery maintenance applications. The unit can also be connected to the battery for an indefinite period.

Reduced battery life is frequently found in stationary vehicles, including caravans, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and even quad bikes for that matter. The bottom line is: Batteries need maintenance, and they should never be left in a partially discharged state.


Generally speaking, the life of a battery is directly related to how deeply you discharge it. In other words: The more you “dip” in the battery’s energy reserve, the shorter its lifespan. Another vital point to remember is that once a battery has been discharged, it requires a multi-stage charging algorithm in order to restore the battery to a full state; and unfortunately, this process cannot be rushed.


Sadly, many consumers believe that buying a battery charger that promises “rapid charging” is the answer. Although these chargers may speed up the beginning stages of the recharge process, the final stage of battery charging takes time and requires a multistage process. What’s more, using a high-amp charger on certain battery types may cause gassing of the electrolyte and permanent cell damage.


The National Luna 5 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger is a compact Dual-Function 12V 5 Amp battery charger that’s suitable for discharged motorcycle, motor vehicle and deep-cycle batteries that require a higher charge current and recovery mode, prior to undergoing a maintenance charge.



Battery maintenance goes a long way to prolonging battery performance, as well as lifespan. The use of an intelligent maintenance charger will prevent the battery from discharging and keep it in an optimised state.


That said, most intelligent chargers boast a ‘float charge feature’ that allows you to leave the battery permanently connected. What this means is: The charger’s output current is able to drop right down to a maintenance state, which prolongs the battery’s life.



In the case of your caravan (or trailer) battery: Many users are unaware that their auxiliary battery is partially discharged. Typically, owners return home from a holiday, store the caravan for a few months, and the auxiliary battery is left to stand in a partially discharged state. Much like the battery in your vehicle, the performance and lifespan is significantly degraded.


In applications such as these, where a larger battery is used, you may need a charger with a bit more “punch”. Deep-cycle batteries that have been left in a discharged state often need to undergo some form of recovery (or extended recharge) prior to long-term maintenance. This is where a charger with a ‘safe recondition mode’ is recommended.



Once again, if your vehicle is forced to stand for prolonged periods without driving, it’s recommended that an affordable intelligent maintenance charger be connected to your battery. This solution applies to everyday vehicles, classic cars, boats, motorcycles, quad bikes, jet skis, generators and more. In this case, a 1 Amp charger is the most economical choice in terms of maintenance (i.e. preventing the battery from discharging).


If, however, your battery (or deep cycle battery) has already been discharged, it may require a larger, a more sophisticated charger that can restore the battery to full capacity, before the charger enters a ‘float-charge mode’ for long-term maintenance.


Fortunately, both solutions are available at National Luna. 



A specially developed mini-charger ideally suited for small 6V and 12V batteries used in motorcycles, alarms, gate motors, etc. up to 20Ah. Automatically diagnoses, recovers & charges Flooded (WET), VRLA, AGM, GEL & Calcium batteries. Other features include:


  • Unique charging and maintenance feature enhances battery life
  • 5 Step automatic smart charge & maintenance program
  • Up to 20Ah charge capacity and up to 140Ah maintenance capacity
  • Five-year guarantee

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A compact Dual-Function 12V 5 Amp Battery Charger suitable for motorcycle, motor vehicle and deep-cycle batteries. Charges and maintains: Flooded (WET), MF, VRLA, AGM, GEL & Calcium, and lead-acid batteries. Other features include:

  • Automatically diagnoses, recovers & charges flooded batteries
  • Unique charging and maintenance feature enhances battery life (Can be permanently connected)
  • 8 Step automatic smart charge & maintenance program
  • 2Ah – 120Ah (charging) up to 160Ah battery capacity
  • Rescues drained batteries over 2 Volt
  • Features boost or recovery mode
  • Five-year guarantee

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