National Luna fridges now with Bluetooth connectivity

Here’s the scenario…

You’re lying in your rooftop tent, sleepily drifting off to the sounds of the bush and light rain drizzling against the tent’s fabric. Suddenly, your eyes slam open and you quickly turn to your wife: “Did you adjust the fridge’s temperature?”.

Over the years, you’ve gotten into the wise habit of adjusting your camping fridge’s settings in the evening to save battery power. Your wife, who’s now grumpy with you for waking her up, replies, “No, I thought you did it”.

You hear what sounds like a hyena cackle in the distance and think about how badly you don’t want to climb down a ladder in your tighty whities to fiddle with fridge buttons in the rain while predators lurk in the darkness.

“Bugger!” You think to yourself. “I should’ve got the National Luna Legacy SMART fridge!”

Aside from lying in your tent and adjusting your camping fridge’s temperatures remotely, National Luna’s new Legacy SMART range boasts a blue-tooth-connectivity distance that can reach your caravan or trailer in tow.

What’s more, it’s not just the temperature setting you can adjust; everything that can be altered on the control panel can be altered on the app, too. This includes features such as…

  • Changing the ‘Battery Protection’ level through all three settings: Low (9.5V), Medium (10.5V) and High (11.5V).
  • Toggling between ºC or ºF units
  • Alter speed control
  • Check the fridge’s status or faults
  • Choosing whether the app connects to the fridge automatically
  • Personalising the unit’s name

You can also flip back to the app’s dashboard/device list to connect to your National Luna Portable Power Pack (Grey Box).

The NL CONNECT app is available for Android and iOS devices, and the Bluetooth connectivity feature is now standard across the full range of National Luna fridges. Look out for the new Legacy SMART logo on the front of the unit.

Of course, the question you’re wondering is: Can the Bluetooth module be retrofitted to your existing National Luna model?

Ideally, we hope to make this feature available. This is why we’re currently working on a cost-effective way to adapt a separate control panel that will allow older National Luna fridges to upgrade to Bluetooth. We can’t promise dates yet, but please join our newsletter here to stay informed.

Alternatively, click here for more information on the new Legacy SMART range or here to find a distributor near you.

The Legacy SMART Range


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