35 And Still Going Strong

For more than 3 decades, National Luna has adapted to an ever-changing camping market that has seen our product range expand to more than 500 off-road / camping solutions!

Today, we boast a comprehensive 12V fridge/freezer range, a broad offering of dual-battery systems, and arguably, the widest variety of 12V lighting solutions.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’re best known for after 35 years of innovation.


Price: From R7 949

Although National Luna pioneered several “world firsts” in 12V refrigeration, we’re best known for our 2002 release of ‘dual-control’ technology. This novel feature allowed users to adjust both sides of their camping fridges individually.

It took the rest of the world 8 years to release a similar concept. But in the meantime, we’ve expanded our fridge/freezer range to include a full assortment of single-compartment and dual-control camping fridges.

A size for everyone; including small (35- to 50-litre), medium (55- to 80-litre) and large-sized (90- to 125-litre) camping fridges.


Cell phone controlling a camping fridge with BlueTooth
National Luna’s entire range of Legacy fridges are now equipped with BlueTooth® wireless technology. The BlueTooth® connectivity allows you to remotely control the fridge’s temperature – and other settings and functions – from your mobile phone.


Range of camping fridges
With 14 models to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right fridge size for your vehicle.


Price: From R185

Although 12V fluorescent lights have been replaced by brighter, more efficient LED technology, National Luna is one of the only manufacturers worldwide still producing 12V fluorescent lamps as a backup service for older caravan and camper models.

However, most of our production capacity goes into our class-leading LED range. Development of these lights first started in 2010 – when it became clear that fluorescent technology couldn’t keep up with the LED competition. After 5-years of research and development, we launched a full range of LED camping lights.

These days, National Luna’s advanced LED lights are fitted as OEM solutions by camper-, trailer- and caravan manufacturers worldwide.


Price: From R1 300

With the exception of 12V camping fridges, few outdoor products have evolved as much as vehicle-based dual-battery power!

What started as a bare-bones solenoid kit 25 years ago has since morphed into an array of battery-management options, including portable-power packs, distribution boxes, and advanced DC-DC chargers with built-in solar regulators.

National Luna produces several battery box options and Portable Power Packs.

If you don’t have enough load-bay space for a portable system – or your auxiliary battery is mounted in a unique location – you can still enjoy the features of the battery box’s control panel by installing a National Luna Distribution Box. The unit is sold as a standalone product, and there are three model options.


DC to DC chargers are available in both 25A and 40A configurations. Both units feature a plug-n-play MPPT solar regulator and lithium-battery compatibility.


Cell phone controlling battery box with BlueTooth
The all-new National Luna Portable Power Pack II now features BlueTooth® control which allows you to monitor both batteries’ input charge, power draw and voltage levels.




The National Luna Portable Ice Maker sports a stainless-steel finish, a removable bucket, and the ability to produce 12kg of ice per day in tropical conditions. Priced from R2 995.



Choose between two Intelligent Battery Chargers: A 5A unit designed to restore and maintain deep-cycle batteries, or a 1A maintenance charger used to keep batteries in caravans, trailers, quad bikes, boats, and jet skis in good health. Priced from R799.


More than 200 widgets, connectors, power points, battery monitors, and USB ports are available nationwide at your nearest National Luna distributor.

As a globally recognised brand, National Luna products are distributed through 200 trusted dealers worldwide. Find your nearest distributor here.

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