4 Gift Ideas For The Adventure Traveller

National Luna LED Lights

When it comes to 12V lighting, you want something that’s bright enough to light your campsite, but also dimmable for those late-night hours around the fire.


The National Luna LED Camping light is ideal for permanent installations within your tent, rooftop tent, vehicle canopy or cabin, on the side of your roof rack, or even used around your home during times of load shedding.


Featuring a dual-colour design (18 bright-white LEDs as well as 12 amber LEDs) the National Luna Camping Light also boasts a touch-pad operation, 3 dimmable settings, a frosted polycarbonate lens for enhanced light diffusion (less glare), and a near-indestructible construction that’s water resistant, too!


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As far as practical gifts go, what could be more useful at home and around your campsite than a Auxiliary Battery Box? Made from durable polyethylene and equipped with a feature-filled faceplate, our Auxiliary Battery Box (dubbed: The black box) boasts a wide range of power inputs and outputs for effortless plug ’n play control.


Whether you’re looking to charge your cellphone, power a camping light, or to run a fridge, radio, or even a 220V inverter for AC power, the Auxiliary Battery Box has your energy needs covered. Pack it in the boot of your vehicle, use it around camp, or bring it into your home for backup power when the lights go off.


Best of all, we’ve designed the control panel in such a way that you can customise your power needs by either swapping out some of the standard connections, or adding extra plug points in the blank ports provided.

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Whether you own a caravan, boat, bike, golf cart, jet-ski or even a back-up power system, the chances are good that you need a maintenance battery charger. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take long for a stored battery to lose it’s charge, and once flat, the battery’s life expectancy immediately drops off.


For this reason, all 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries should be recharged and maintained with the use of an intelligent maintenance charger. Fortunately, National Luna offers two options in the form of a 5A and 1A charger.


Both products offer a multi-stage recharge cycle that can be left unattended or permanently connected to your lead-acid battery. It’s the perfect gift for all those summer toys that hibernate during the winter months.


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If you’re looking for a cool gift idea that never stops giving, look no further than our hugely popular Portable Ice Maker.


Unlike many other ice makers on the market, the National Luna Portable Ice Maker is tested to operate at 43ºC ambient temperature, as opposed to the industry norm of just 24ºC. This means, in some cases, our punchy little ice maker can produce just as much ice as some units that are twice its size!


To top it off, the National Luna Portable Ice Maker also features a durable stainless-steel finish, a removable ice bucket and shovel, low-water indicator, a cycle time of just 6-to 13-minutes, and an ice-making capacity of 12kg in 24-hours.


Keep one at home, or pack it in your caravan for the holidays. It’s the coolest gift you’ll buy all Christmas.


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