New Universal 12v Accessory Plug From National Luna

Have you ever wondered why 12V accessory plugs are loose in some sockets but snug in others? Well, if you have, you’re not alone.

The truth is, not all sockets are the same. They typically come in two varieties:

  1. Cigarette lighter sockets.
  2. 12V Accessory sockets.

Because cigarette-lighter sockets were designed primarily for, well… cigarette lighters, they’re not optimally designed to power 12V electronics. This dual-purpose functionality came from market demand, not from vehicle manufacturers.

Once vehicle manufacturers realised there was a significant demand for additional 12V accessory power points, many of them included these sockets as an added-value feature.

In some cases, manufacturers did away with cigarette lighters altogether and included these as a “Smoker’s Package” optional extra.

This is why most 12V accessory plugs don’t fit neatly into a cigarette-lighter socket; and why a 12V cigarette lighter won’t work in a 12V Accessory socket. Put simply: The two female sockets are entirely different.

If you’re now thinking, “This is a ridiculous problem! Why can’t someone design a plug that fits neatly into both sockets?” you still wouldn’t be alone.

Of course, many manufacturers have tried, and although some universal plugs offer a neater fit than others, all these plugs are limited to thin wiring.

Thinner wires are okay for low-amp accessories like cellphone chargers and LED lights. However, when it comes to powering larger appliances like 12V camping fridges or accessories with extra-long cables, the thinner wire causes a “voltage drop” and a reduction in efficiency/performance.

This has been an industry-wide problem for many years, and is why National Luna recently invested in tooling that has allowed us to manufacture a new 12V universal plug that fits neatly into both socket types, and, accommodates up to 4 mm (AWG12) wiring!

Best of all, the plug uses a clamp-down design that’s easy to install on any cable and doesn’t require special tools or soldering. How easy is it? If you can change a standard 3-prong house plug, you can fit the new National Luna Accessory plug.

The new National Luna Universal Plugs will be available at leading outdoor stores nationwide. Click here for more information.

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