DC-DC Portable Power Pack With MPPT Solar Regulator

For more than 15 years, our Portable Power Pack (dubbed: The Grey Box) has served the 4×4 community and outdoor market as a mobile source of power as well as a stand-alone dual-battery system.


More recently, in 2017, we developed a stripped-down version of our Portable Power Pack, forgoing the dual-battery solenoid and opting for an affordable, customisable, Auxiliary Battery Box with an array of power outlets. Of course, it wasn’t long before the off-road community “renamed” our Auxiliary Battery Box ‘The Black Box’.



Surprisingly, instead of cannibalising The Grey Box’s sales, the Black Box found its own market of value-seeking buyers wanting the ability to customise their power needs.


What’s more, the release of The Black Box quickly revealed yet another need in the 4×4 market. A select number of off-road travellers were now buying the National Luna 25A DC-DC charger, and bolting it to the outside of their The Black Box system.


The demand was clearly indicating a need for a mobile dual-battery system with the added benefit of a built-in DC-DC charger, as well as the ability to connect solar energy.

So, we developed our next portable-power solution: “The Green Box”.


Once the battery cable is installed in your vehicle, the DC-DC power pack is a plug & play unit that offers quick access to a dual-battery system that’s portable, convenient, and solar ready.



The objective here was simple: Create a complete plug-and-play mobile power solution that offers:

  • A class-leading DC-DC dual-battery system
  • Plug & Play solar input with 25A MPPT regulator
  • The ability to charge wet-cell, AGM and Lithium-Ion batteries
  • A wide range of power ports and connections
  • Automatic compatibility with 12V and 24V vehicle electrical systems
  • A dedicated external charger port
  • A remote monitor that displays information about the system (optional accessory)
  • The ability to operate in vehicles with intelligent alternators


So, if you’re looking for a portable-power pack and dual-battery system that is solar-ready and effortless to install, look no further than our ‘Green Box’ – the most comprehensive mobile power solution we’ve ever developed.

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