DC40 Distribution Box

The DC40 Distribution Box is ideally suited to fixed installations such as trailers, caravans and campers where the auxiliary batteries are separated from the charge system.

The DC40 Distribution Box has a built-in 40A DC-DC charge system that offers charging from the vehicle alternator as well as from Solar panels and a seperate DC input. Multiple outputs offer USB charging and fused DC sockets for connecting 12V devices.

The DC40 Distribution Box supports 12V lead-acid (wet, calcium, Gel, AGM) as well as lithium batteries.


  • Built-in 40A DC-DC multi-stage charger
  • Multiple cable-entry options
  • Battery voltage gauge
  • 1 x Dedicated solar input
  • 1 x Auxiliary DC input (for use with DC sources 11V to 32V)
  • 2 x Dual QuickCharge USB modules (up to 18W per port)
  • 3 x DC Sockets standard (2 x Cigar, 1 x Hella)
  • 2 x 50A input/output ports
  • Intelligent Charger port (charger available separately)
  • Dimensions : 278mm x 270mm x 125mm

DC-DC Features:

  • True 40A output current
  • 6-stage intelligent charge algorithm
  • 12V and 24V input
  • Smart-alternator compatible
  • 40A, 600W MPPT solar regulator
  • Supports solar panels up to 42V
  • Supports AGM, Gel, Wet, Calcium, Lithium Ion/LiFePO4 batteries
  • Battery temperature compensation for safe charging
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Reverse-polarity protected
  • Over-voltage protected
  • Over-temperature protected
  • Optional remote monitor

Order Stock Code: BMS-20330

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