My 72ltr twin door is now 3yrs old and has run continuously on either 240 at home, or in the ute on 12volt, since I pulled it out of the box. Turned off only a few times to mop the cabinets out and then turned on again straight away. Current draw is usually between 1.9 amps to 2.5amps dependent on load in the fridge. I have owned a few other brands, a garbage chinese one in the early days ( never again ) then a couple of Engels which were reasonable fridges but drew more current than the Luna and were much noisier. The Luna is very quiet and vibration free.
I know a few people with larger Luna’s ( 90 and 125ltr ) that have been running fault free for nearly 10 yrs.

Will buy another Luna again if I ever need to replace this one.

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