Indel B TB18 Portable Fridge

The TB18 is the Indel B’s portable refrigerator with the same base as the TB15 but its higher and its capacity are bigger. Like the TB15, the TB18 was designed to be fitted also in small spaces and to be carried and transported everywhere thanks to its low weight and the adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Single Compartment Fridge/Freezer
  • Secop Compressor
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -30ºC
  • Internal LED Light
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Protection Cover – (optional)
  • Base Mounting plate – (optional)

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Additional Info

  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -30ºC
  • 9.6-31Vdc ONLY
  • 18 L
  • 420 x 235 x 566 mm
  • Weight 8,6 Kg


IndelB TB15 Manual

IndelB TB15 Brochure

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